Once logged into your Eedi account you'll come across your Teacher Dashboard. In this article we'll run down how to navigate the site and the features you'll have access to.

Firstly we have the Assignments, Set work, School setup and Analytics pages:

  • Assignments - Here you can view your class assignments, discover your class' misconceptions, as well as reviewing any given feedback.

  • Set work - This page allows you to browse through and assign work either via a Scheme of Work for scheduled assignments, or via our Collections which contain flexible, individual quizzes.

  • School setup - Head to this page to create and view your classes, as well as viewing all teachers and students within your school.

  • Analytics - The Analytics page displays comparative quiz result data for classes that have completed quizzes set via a Scheme of Work.

The school drop-down menu allows you to join an additional school. To do so, simply click the 'Add a school' option.

Your notifications tab can be found here. If you're a school admin you will be notified here should a teacher request to join your school on Eedi.

When clicking on your initials you're able to edit your profile details, get help by heading over to our Help Centre or logout of your account.

If you'd like to find out more about the features available on Eedi, be sure to check out some of our other help articles here.

Should you need any assistance be sure to get in touch with the team via the live chat option available, or via email at [email protected].

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