Once logged into your Eedi account you'll come across your teacher dashboard. In this article we'll explain how to navigate your account and the different features you'll have access to.


The Assignments section is where you'll find your assignments, results and misconceptions sections. You can filter each page for a specific class, making it easier to find the information you're after.

  • The first page you'll come across is your Assignments page, when you assign quizzes to your classes they'll appear here. You can switch between Upcoming and Done quizzes, view upcoming quiz information and see results to active/completed quizzes, including student misconception information.
    👉 Learn more about viewing results here

  • The Misconceptions page allows you to see your class' overall misconceptions. Here you can also review questions from their recent quizzes and discover the most common misconceptions for upcoming quizzes so that you can plan ahead.
    👉 Learn more about misconceptions here

Set work

The Set work section is home to our content: over 400 quizzes containing 2000+ questions suitable for Years 5 to 11 (9 year olds to 16 year olds).

You can browse through or search for topics, preview them and assign them to your class.

👉 Learn more about assigning work here

School setup

You'll find your school information, such as classes, students and teachers all within the School setup pages.

  • Your Classes page will show the classes you're listed as a teacher in. You can also create, join or manage classes here. There is also a notification feature that allows you to send messages to your class; ideal for sending reminders!
    👉 Learn more about your classes here

  • The Teacher page will show you a table of all teachers in your school. You're able to search for teachers, invite teachers to join your school and also check for any pending teachers that have requested to join (available if you have administrator access).
    👉 Learn more about inviting teachers here [TO UPDATE]

  • On the Students page you'll also find a table, this time with your students' details. You can search for students in the same way here, as well as moving them between classes, archiving old students and downloading student account details.
    👉 Learn more about managing your students here [TO UPDATE]

Account tools

To the right of your navigation bar you'll find your account tools.

  • Your notifications tab can be found here. If you're a school admin you will be notified here should a teacher request to join your school.

  • When clicking on your initials you're able to edit your profile details, get help by heading over to our Help Centre or logout of your account.

If you'd like to find out more about the features available on Eedi, be sure to check out some of our other helpful articles here.

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