Ensuring your students are in the correct classes at the beginning of a school year is extremely important and also extremely simple to action on Eedi.

If your school have your MIS synced up for automated class management, you do not need to do a thing - We can push a sync and this will automatically update the students to their new classes.

Supposing your students were already uploaded on the system last year, you have a couple of options:

If your classes do not change much:

If most of the students remain together in the same groups, you can simply change the class name so they represent the new years class name.

  1. View the class on your School setup page.

  2. Click on Settings and then Edit Class.

  3. Update the name of the class and select Update.

If your classes do change:

You can delete all classes (this does not delete the students) then create the new classes and add the required students.

  1. View the class on your School setup page.

  2. Click on Settings and then Delete Class.

Important: You will no longer be able to view insights for this class and all assignments for this class will be deleted.

3. A pop-up will appear warning you of the above. Select Ok to confirm your choice.

4. Finally, you'll want to create your class and add your students / Manage your school. Check out the guides linked for full details on how to do this.

If you have any issues getting your students set up in the correct class, do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

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