The Analytics page allows you to see how your students are performing as a class or on an individual basis. You'll get an instant view of their overall assignment scores, misconceptions stats, activity and performance.

Viewing class analytics

On the Analytics page you'll find a table displaying your classes. For each class you'll see:

  • Average score (based on first attempt answers).

  • Total misconceptions identified.

  • Total misconceptions resolved.

  • Total misconceptions unresolved.

If you click on a class name you can see an overall summary of their activity and performance.

The Activity section will show you total questions answered (which you can also see on a weekly basis), number of assignments completed, independent topics taken, tutor interventions and lessons taken.

The Performance section reveals how well your class is performing in comparison to other classes across Eedi in the same year group. We also display the performance percentage broken down into 4 topic areas: Number, Algebra, Geometry and Probability & Stats. This helps to know which areas your class is doing well in, or where there could be room for improvement.

Viewing individual student analytics

On your Analytics page, if you select the Students tab you'll also be able to view the above stats per student, along with:

  • Total time spent working on Eedi.

  • Total number of questions answered.

  • Total number of independent topics they've worked on.

You can also filter this page to see all students within a certain class, or use the search bar to find specific students.

When you click the name of a student you'll get to see a visual overview of their activity and performance, which can come in handy for parents' evening!

The Activity section covers the student's activity, specifically how many questions they've answered, number of assignments they've completed, number of topics they've worked on independently, if they've had any tutor interventions and how many lessons they've taken.

The Performance section explains how the student has been performing within the 4 topic areas, as well as in comparison to other students across Eedi in the same year group.

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