To get started you'll need to set up your class. We've created a walkthrough video and a written step-by-step guide to help you do this 👇

Steps to create a class and add your students:

  1. Go to the School setup page.

  2. Click the Add a class button.

  3. Next you need to Name your class, select your Department, and select the Year Group.

  4. Go to Add teachers. You are automatically added to your class but if you’d like to add another member of staff, add/invite them here.

  5. It's time to Add students. We recommend copying and pasting your students into the table. Use commas to separate student information.

  6. After adding your students, it's time to Assign passwords. You can choose to make them all the same or unique to each student.

    We recommend choosing one password to make it easier for you to distribute and get your students started. You can ask students to change them once they've logged in.

Congratulations! Your class has been added, and you're ready to go! 🚀

👋 Not sure what to do next? It's time to set your class their first assignment.

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