We encourage students to invite their parents to Eedi as not only can they track their child's progress, students unlock additional motivation elements. All for free 🎉

What are the benefits of inviting parents to Eedi?

Parent reports

When parents register they'll create their Parent Hub where they can see how their child is progressing on Eedi. We also send them weekly reports on how well their child is doing so that they can stay informed.

Access to prize draws

One of the many ways we help to boost motivation is via our prize draws. Students purchase entries into prize draws using their virtual Eedi currency to win real prizes (previous prizes have included, MacBooks, iPads experience days, gift vouchers and more 🤩)!

Before students can enter prize draws they must have a parent/guardian register. This is so that if a student wins a prize we have their parental contact to arrange delivery.

How do students invite their parents?

This is done in 4 simple steps:

  1. Students must log into their Learning Hub.

  2. Click on their avatar in the top right corner of the page.

  3. Click Invite your parent.

  4. Enter their parent's details (we'll need their name and email address).

And that's it! We'll send an email to their parent with information on how they can create their free account 🙂

Template for inviting parents to Eedi

If you'd like to invite your parent network to Eedi, please feel free to use our parent invitation template here. You're welcome to edit this template if needed!

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