By inviting teachers to join your school, you will essentially be creating them an account and inputting them into the classes that they are teachers in.

Simply follow the steps below to invite a teacher to join your school:

  1. Log in to your Eedi account.

  2. 'View' the class you want to add the teacher to.

  3. Go to the Teachers tab and select 'Edit teachers'.

  4. If the teacher does not appear when searching / scrolling through the list, click + Add a teacher.

5. You now need to enter the teacher's details - First name, surname and email address.

6. Confirm your request by selecting Add + under their details.

7. You'll notice the teacher is now selected within the list of teachers. Select Update in the bottom right to confirm your choice.

This will send an email to your colleague with a link to an on-boarding sign up process along with a unique code. When following the link they will be able to submit the code given in the email to automatically log into their account and see their class in the school.

You can also invite teachers to your school via School Setup > Teachers. Click on the 'Invite Teachers' button to find an invitation code. You can simply send this code to them and they can enter it after signing up.

If you have any trouble with this please get in touch with our team at [email protected].

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