If your student accounts have been created and assigned to a class, you can easily download their login details as an excel document.

To download login details per class

  1. Login to Eedi.

  2. Go to School Setup in the navigation panel.

3. Select the class from your list by clicking 'View'.

4. Once you have selected your class, click on the 'Settings' button to the right.

5. Click 'Export Logins' to download your class login list as an excel file.

To download login details for the entire school

  1. Head on over to the School setup page and select the Students tab just underneath.

  2. Click the 'Download Students' button to download their login details as an excel file.

Note: If there are students with passwords missing in the excel file, it means the student has set their own password.

For security, we encourage you to ask your students to edit their password when they first log in.

If you need any further assistance you can reach our support team over at [email protected].

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