It's important to understand how Eedi works for your students and what their Learning Hubs look like. Students can access their Learning Hub by logging in at

Let us show you around the Learning Hub 👇


Once your students log into their Learning Hub they'll come across their Learn page. This is their main dashboard where they'll find their assignments.

Classroom assignments

The first thing your students will find is their classroom assignments. These are assignments that you set for your class. Students can either start their next classroom assignment right away or click View all assignments to see all assignments they've been set.

When your students choose to View all assignments they can browse through all Upcoming, Completed and Overdue assignments.

Independent Study

Students can also work independently on Eedi. If they scroll down on their Learn page they'll find their Independent study section. We'll recommend topics for your students to work on, or they can click on View All Topics to browse and search for something else.

Starting a topic

All of our topics are presented in a chat-based format and are made up of 5 multiple-choice questions. These questions are designed to identify potential misconceptions.

Students will start a lesson on any questions they get incorrect. The lesson will have been created specifically to help resolve the misconception identified.

Lessons are full of teaching videos, guided examples and interactive worksheet questions, all revolving around the identified misconception. We finish each lesson with a check-out question to determine whether the student's misconception has been resolved.

Once a lesson has been completed students can continue to answer their 5 multiple-choice topic questions.

🧑‍🏫 Students with Eedi Plus can ask for help from a tutor during any stage of their topic/lesson.


The challenge page is where your students will find their daily task list, routine, the school league leaderboard and other rewards.

Daily tasks that your students complete will earn them streak points 🔥 These streak points will determine their individual position on the School League leaderboard, as well as contribute towards their school's position.

Prizes are awarded to top students and schools on the leaderboard during league periods.

👉 Find out more about the School League here!


The Shop is where your students can spend their virtual Eedi Coins. They can purchase items such as backgrounds and avatars to customise their Learning Hubs.

They can also purchase entries into prize draws to win real prizes! Previous prizes have included MacBooks, iPads, gift vouchers and more 🎉

Students have to invite their parent/guardian to Eedi before they can enter prize draws. This is required as we contact winners' parents/guardians to arrange to send prizes.


Students can review their work via their Activity page. They're able to check their answers to previous topics, resume unfished topics and start Stretch & Challenge activities.

Stretch and Challenge activities are designed to push students above and beyond by answering more advanced questions 💪

Inviting Parents

We encourage students to invite their parents to sign up, as it not only allows them to spend their Eedi coins, but parents can keep track of their child's progress. This is completely free for parents but they can choose to subscribe to Eedi Plus for additional benefits.

Inviting parents is easy, students need to click on their avatar image and then choose Invite your parent.

This will ask them to enter their parent's email so we can send them their invitation to join 🙂

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