The Eedi School League is a free online maths learning league designed to help students improve their understanding and enjoyment of maths!

Who can join?

The Eedi school league is open to students globally. Joining Eedi gives your students access to:

  • Diagnostic quizzes designed to identify specific areas of strength and weakness

  • Guided worked example videos to support students in building understanding

  • Interactive practice questions to help build fluency and confidence

How do students participate in the School League?

Students are rewarded with Streak points 🔥 for their learning efforts, by completing Topics and Lessons. Learning is low-stakes, encouraging and focuses on building confidence and resilience.

Can students earn prizes?

Yes - there are prizes up for grabs for schools and individual students! We award prizes to the top please schools and students during each league 🎉

Are there any costs involved?

Eedi Family is completely free to use, no subscription is required to participate in the School League. If you're interested in learning about the benefits of our Eedi Plus subscription click here.

What do I do need to do now?

If you'd like to get involved all you have to get your students set up! Once they have an Eedi account they'll be able to participate both individually and as part of your school via their Learning Hub! Click here to find out more about getting started with Eedi.

📢 If you'd like to invite your parent community to join Eedi, please feel free to use/modify our email template here.

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