The Eedi School League is a free online maths learning league designed to help students improve their understanding and enjoyment of mathematics!

Who can join?

The Eedi school league is open to students globally, between the ages of 9 to 14. Joining Eedi Family gives your students access to:

  • Diagnostic quizzes designed to identify specific areas of strength and weakness

  • Guided worked example videos to support students in building understanding

  • Interactive practice questions to help build fluency and confidence

How do students participate in the School League?

Students are rewarded with Streak points 🔥 for their learning efforts, by completing Topics and Lessons. Learning is low-stakes, encouraging and focuses on building confidence and resilience.

Can students earn prizes?

Yes! There are prizes up for grabs for schools and individual students! Each week, schools have the chance to earn the following prizes:

  • £200 Amazon voucher for the first place school

  • £100 Amazon voucher for the second place school

  • £50 Amazon voucher for the third place school

  • £100 Amazon voucher for the most improved school

At the end of the School League (26th October 2021) the school at the top of the School League leaderboard will win a grand prize of £1000! 🎉

Individual students can also win exciting prizes such as iPads, Amazon Vouchers and experience days.

Are there any costs involved?

Eedi Family is completely free to use, no subscription is required to participate in the School League. Parents can choose to opt-in to unlimited qualified tutor support for as little as £4.99 a month, but this is not required.

What do I do need to do now?

We've got it covered! Once your parents register their children to Eedi Family we'll provide students with work suited to their age, year group and ability, whilst giving feedback and creating motivation, giving you the time to support your students in school.

If you'd like to invite your parent community to join the Eedi School League, please feel free to use/modify the email template at the bottom of the page.

Should you have any questions please reach out to us at [email protected] 🙂

Subject: A free maths learning league to boost maths confidence and win prizes!

Dear parent,

Eedi has offered all Year 5 to Year 9 (ages 9 to 14) families free access to Eedi School League, a 100% free maths learning league designed to motivate children to build maths confidence.

With the Eedi tutoring platform, students will get unlimited access to practice questions, review videos and the chance of winning prizes for their commitment and consistency. You'll also get weekly reports from Eedi on how they're doing.

Eedi is designed to feel more like a fun game rather than extra work. Your child will earn Streak points by setting a Routine and sticking to their weekly learning.

Eedi will hold weekly competitions and prize draws to boost motivation and engagement, giving away real prizes (from iPads to Amazon vouchers) for students and schools as they build their streak scores.

Families new to Eedi will also have a 7-day trial to their unlimited on-demand tutor plan, Eedi Plus, which usually costs £4.99 / month (note that this is optional and complimentary, you don't need to pay or add payment details to participate in the League)

To learn more, visit the official Eedi School League website. Signing up is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

If you have questions on the invitation, please contact Eedi directly on [email protected].

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