We know that managing school accounts can be time-consuming, which is why we've added some new features to help improve the way you view your students and make important changes.

Within the School Setup page, you'll notice that we've added two additional tabs - 'Teachers' and 'Students'.

At a glance, both pages display tables containing relevant account information, from which action can be taken.


The student tab will show all students that are in your school. You can filter your results by class(es), using the search bar as well as filtering how many users are displayed per page.

The table displays students' names, emails and login details; all of which can be copied and pasted.

Note: If the password is empty, this means the student has set their own password.

The Classes column shows how many classes each student is in.

If you hover over the number of classes your student is in, you'll be able to see which class(es) your student has been added to, as well as having the ability to instantly remove them (-) or add them to other classes (+).

The 'Edit' button next to each student takes you to the edit profile page. Here you can edit their email address and edit their password - If the student hasn't set their own.

Finally, the three dots represent actions you can take on a student. Click the three dots to archive the student.

You can also use the tick boxes next to each student to select multiple students, at which point you'll see a footer menu open with a number of actions. You can add all of those students to a class, or you can archive all of those students.

If you want to view your archived students then you can click on the "Archived" tab. This will show you a similar table of all the students in your school who you have archived.

From here the three dot menu icon will give you the following options:

  • "Unarchive student" - this will add them back to your main student list, but they will not be added back into their original classes.

  • "Remove from school" - this will delete them from the school. To rejoin they would need to enter a class code to manually reconnect.

You can download the details of the students in the visible table using the "Download students" button. This will include their login details.


The teachers tab is very similar to the student tab. You can add and remove teachers from classes in the same way, and view similar information. Below are the different features on the teachers tab.

The three dot menu button on the far right of the table gives you the option to remove a teacher from the school. Using this will remove them from the school entirely, and if they want to rejoin they will need to request to be a member.

The "Invite Teachers" button will show you a code, you can give this code to teachers in your school and they can enter it at the point of signing up. This will allow them to join the school without needing to be approved. Make sure that you only give this to teachers who are a part of your school.

The "Pending" tab will allow admin teachers to see any requests that teachers have made to join your school. All requests will show you the information about that teacher, their name, email etc. And you'll have the following actions:

  • "Accept" - click this to approve of this teacher and they will become a full member of your school. Able to view and create classes as well as assign work.

  • "Decline" - clicking this will prevent this user from joining your school.

If you have any questions please reach out to the Eedi team at [email protected].

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