Getting started with Eedi is really simple. As with most classroom tools, we first need to make sure that you’ve added your students. 

There are 2 ways to do this:

Option 1: You can manually add and manage students in Eedi. We can assist in setting up all classes and you can maintain and manage all changes manually.

Important: We can only bulk upload new students onto Eedi. Uploading existing students would result in duplicate accounts. If your students already exist they will need to be transferred to their new class instead.

To continue setting up Eedi manually, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out your spreadsheet here.

  2. The first name, last name and class name fields are required. All of the other fields are optional. Please note that if you supply usernames we may need to change them as usernames must be unique in our system. If no username is provided we will generate a unique username using the first and last name. The first name and last name will be used to identify the student throughout the site.

  3. Save and protect your completed spreadsheet using a password. Note that Eedi cannot accept any data that is not properly protected. 

  4. Once you have saved your protected spreadsheet, attach it in an email and send it to “[email protected]” with a subject line that includes your school name.

  5. Please send a separate email with the password to get into the document to [email protected] 

  6. We will then get your upload complete with 48 hours & email you to confirm once it is complete. 

To ensure your data is properly protected, and to comply with data protection laws, we can only accept password-protected data files. Please make sure that any data you send to Eedi follows the guidelines above. 

Option 2: You can sync your MIS (eg. SIMS) to Eedi. This means that all class changes are automated so you don't have to manage them manually. To do this we use a trusted provider, Wonde. 

To complete this set up, please fill out the form below and Wonde will be in touch to complete the integration:

Request to sync your MIS

For your school's connection, there is a cost as use a third party to complete the connection. We have been paying this to help your school get the best possible experience. This is a total of £100 per year (excl. VAT)

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