We use Diagnostic Questions to uncover misconceptions, then offer tailored lessons to help resolve them 🎉

Topics contain 5 multiple-choice questions diagnostic questions. Each question is designed to look at specific pieces of information that build up your students' knowledge.

Lessons are available for every topic question. Our lessons are carefully created by our team of expert tutors and consist of worked examples, follow-up questions and fluency practice, all alongside solution videos.

How do topics and lessons work?

Students will start off by working on a topic. They'll be asked to answer 5 diagnostic questions using the multiple-choice answer options provided.

If the student gets the question right they'll be able to move on to the next question, or can choose to take a lesson if they'd like more practice on the question they've answered.

Students have two attempts to answer a question. If a student gets the topic question wrong after their second attempt, they'll automatically jump into a lesson.

The Eedi learning assistant will take the student through the lesson, made up of teaching videos, guided examples and interactive worksheets. This is all done in written live-chat format.

Lesson format

  1. Learn:
    Students will start off by looking at some Worked examples. This gives them the opportunity to read some examples and review some Thinking questions.

    Students can then watch an explanation video on how to answer the Thinking questions and check their understanding.

    After this, students will move on to Your Turn - They'll be given some questions similar to the worked examples, which they can try answering themselves.

    Once finished, students can check their answers by watching a video on how the tutors solved the questions.

  2. Practice:
    Next, students will work on 4 Worksheet questions to practice and build confidence. These questions allow the students to apply what they've learned in multiple contexts.

    They'll then have the option to complete 4 more Intelligent Practice questions to check their understanding even further.

    Each question throughout the Worksheet and Intelligent Practice section has its own specific explanation video.

  3. Checkout:
    Finally, we finish the lesson with a final Checkout diagnostic question (similar to the original Topic question itself) to see how well the student has understood the topic and if their misconception has been resolved.

Once the student has completed their lesson they'll be able to continue with their topic 🙂

Students with Eedi Plus can request help from a tutor at any point during their topic/lesson by clicking the "Ask for help!" button. Tutors are available every day from 9am - 8pm BST.

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