When signing up to Eedi you'll need to join a school. The name of your school appears in the top right of the page when signed in.

If you need to join another school, you can do so by following the steps listed below:

  1. Log in to your Eedi account.

  2. Select your school name (top right) then select 'Add a school'.

  3. Enter the name of the school you want to join.

  4. Find the school within the list of schools that appear.

  5. Select 'confirm'.

The school will now appear within the drop-down list when you click on your school name in the top right. To switch between schools simply use this and click on the school name.

That's it! The administrator of the school will be automatically notified and will soon approve your request to join the school.

You won't have full access to this school's features until the administrator approves your request.

If you need any further help please reach out to the Eedi team at [email protected].

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