When signing up to Eedi you'll need to join a school. It's possible that your school already exists in our system, if so, you can easily join it 🙂

If you have an invitation code:

Whilst registering we'll ask if you have an invitation code. Entering an invitation code means you'll be approved straight into your school and will have instant access to Eedi features. If your colleagues are already using Eedi they can provide you with an invitation code.

If you don't have an invitation code:

If you haven't been given an invitation code, simply select the Don't have a code? option.

Once you've finished entering your details you'll be able to search for your school. If you find it within our list of schools you'll be able to request to join it.

Once you request to join a school you'll need to be approved by an admin before you gain access to the school's data. The administrator of the school will be automatically notified of your request to join and can approve you.

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