Our results page allows you to see how your students are getting on with Eedi. We provide you with all the information to know where your students are going wrong, where they've been given extra help and whether further support is needed.

Finding students' results

On your Assignments page you'll find all of your active, upcoming and done quizzes. Here you can filter between classes and view both upcoming and done quizzes.

You'll immediately get an overview of your quiz start and due dates, how many students have completed the quiz and number of misconceptions found, resolved and unresolved.

Click on the Results button to get in-depth view of your students' quiz results.

The results page is broken down into three different sections: Overview, Misconceptions and Questions breakdown.


The overview tab gives you an instant overview of your class' results. Along with results, this page is full of useful information such as time taken, number of lessons taken and the number of times your students spoke to a tutor (Eedi Plus feature).


The misconceptions tab allows you to see which questions your students had a misconception identified in, whether they were resolved and if any were left unresolved.

Question breakdown

The Question breakdown tab lets you dig deeper into your students' results and see exactly what happened. You'll see how they answered their check in and check out questions along with any retry attempts after receiving our feedback.

You'll also find misconception explanations for each question which you can instantly feedback to your students.

🚀 Coming soon...

We'll be adding a brand new Analytics page so you can get an overall summary of your classes and students!

👉 Find out about misconceptions here!

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