Once an assignment has been set, it's time to complete it!

Your students will find their assignments on their Learn page. They can either start their next classroom assignment right away, or they can view all of their upcoming, completed and overdue assignments.

To begin a topic simply click the Start topic button.

The most important sections of the Learn page are:

  • Classroom Assignments - these are the assignments that have been assigned by a teacher. There is a start date and a due date.

  • Independent study - these are topics we have automatically assigned based on your student's ability and their results from the Starter quiz. These are not the quizzes a teacher has chosen to assign their class.

Each topic is made up of 5 questions. If we discover a misconception in one of the questions (e.g. if a question is answered incorrectly) then we work through guided examples and teaching videos to resolve the misconception.

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