Your Assignments page is where you'll find all of the work you've assigned to your classes. You'll find Upcoming and Done assignments. You can also filter this page to view assignments for a specific class.

Here you'll find:

  • Quiz name & status (Active/Upcoming/Done)

  • Start and Due dates

  • Engagement (how many students have completed their assignment)

  • Misconception stats

  • Results

You can easily see how many misconceptions have been identified, resolved, or remain unresolved by hovering over the icons shown below:

Beside each Active and Done quiz, you'll be able to view Results. For more information on results, take a look at our article on Viewing and analysing students' results.

For upcoming quizzes, you'll have the option to View quiz. This will allow you to take a look at the questions within the quiz along with their misconception explanations, so you can make any necessary preparations before the start date.

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