A few extra pointers to ensure you can obtain the most out of your Results section on Eedi & uncover your students true misconceptions. 

When students complete an online quiz, they embark on our review process. Here they are told their score and which questions they got wrong, but not why they got them wrong. 

We withhold both the correct answer and the answer the student gave first time around, to give them an opportunity to have another go at the question.

Once a student has completed their first quiz, they will get an indication as to how many misconceptions they have:

By clicking 'See misunderstandings' the students can repeat the questions they got incorrect & see how much they improved by:

If a student chooses to do this, you will then see both of quiz attempts in the results section, displayed as 1st & 2nd attempts, like so:

You can also see, under 'Questions' the breakdown question by question of where any improvements have been made: 

Additionally, you can select the specific answer (A,B,C,D) to see the attempts by each student along with their explanations. if they left one.

This is a very handy tool if you want to group together students to give the the same piece of feedback. 

To leave feedback, you can simple tick the students you want to give the piece of feedback to:

Then select 'Give Feedback'

Click here to find out more about our leaving your students feedback or for any specific support, please get in touch with the team at hello@eedi.co.uk 

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