If you want to create your own scheme of work from scratch or if you are configuring your scheme for the first time for your school, you can create it manually in Eedi. To do this, watch the video or follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Eedi: https://www.eedi.co.uk/login 

2. Select Schemes.

3. Select Add a Scheme. 

4. Now you will see a list of all the pre-configured schemes of work available on Eedi. Select the “Create your Own” scheme that contains the name of your exam board/curriculum provider (e.g. White Rose - Create your Own).

5. Select Add and a blank scheme of work will be added to your account.

6. You have been redirected to your schemes dashboard. Select the scheme of work you just added. You will now see a blank scheme ready to be populated. The first thing to do is to change the name of the scheme by clicking on the pencil icon. For instance, you can give your scheme the name of your class in real life.

7. Select Insert a Topic Unit to see a list of all the topic units available from the exam board/curriculum provider you initially chose. 

8. Before you select a topic unit, you can preview the content in it by selecting Preview. Select your preferred topic unit and it will be automatically added to your scheme.  Repeat this step for each week of your scheme until the entire scheme is fully populated. Remember to add holiday and revision periods.

9. You might need more or less time to teach a specific unit: e.g. the unit on Volume covers two weeks in the White Rose scheme of work, but you want it to cover one week only on your own scheme of work. 

In that case, extend or shorten the topic unit to match your teaching and holiday calendar by dragging the icon (the short straight line across) on the bottom of the unit. 

10. If you want to modify the order of your topic units, you can rearrange them by dragging a unit from one section to another. 

Select the unit and drag it to the week when you will be teaching it.

11. If you need to delete any of the topic units, you can do so by selecting the bin icon on the right corner of each unit (you will see this icon when you place your mouse on a topic unit). 

12. All the changes you have made so far have been saved automatically. Your new scheme of work has been created! Once you are done creating and editing your own scheme of work, you can do two more things: share it with colleagues, or assign it to a class. Please, read about how to do it here:

Learn here how to share your scheme of work
Learn here how to assign your scheme of work

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