Eedi is a diagnostic toolkit designed to make learning and understanding easier for everyone!

🔍 Our quizzes are carefully designed and created to identify misconceptions amongst students so that you know which particular areas need more focus in the classroom. Each question tells you what each student gets wrong and why.

💭 Measure long-term retention. With Eedi you can schedule quizzes ahead of time. Results and analysis let you measure and evaluate long-term retention using Quiz As to asses understanding immediately after teaching, then Quiz Bs 3 a few weeks later to determine likelihood retention.

🕛 Using Eedi saves you time. Our diagnostic quizzes mark themselves, so you don't have to. Results are automatically recorded and readily available at the click of a button so you can easily analyse strengths and weaknesses.

✅ Finally, all our content is backed by research. We've partnered with leading institutions such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Microsoft, to provide you with reliable resources.

We've worked with 100,000+ children, teachers and parents to help make a difference. Support your students. Keep your weekend.

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