In response to significant demand, we have introduced this new feature which allows teachers to remove questions from an assignment.

This means that if you are previewing a quiz and you don't want your class to answer a particular question, you can easily switch that question off and it will be removed from the quiz.

Questions can be removed at two times:

  • While setting an assignment from the collection page.

  • While editing an existing upcoming assignment.

While setting an assignment from the collection page

  1. Continue to the collections page and find the quiz you'd like to assign as normal.

  2. On the quiz preview page, you'll see that each question has a toggle button in the top right corner.

  3. If the toggle is green and to the right then it is switched on. If it is grey and to the left, it is switched off, and this will cause the question image to fade slightly.

Click on the toggle to switch a question off or on.

4. When you are ready click 'Assign to class' and that assignment will be set to your class.

You can still edit it later by following the next set of steps.

While editing an existing upcoming assignment

  1. On your Assignments tab when you are viewing the upcoming assignments you have an option to "View" an assignment.

2. After clicking view you will see a quiz preview which will have the same question toggles as described above.

3. Use the toggles in the same way as described previously to switch questions on or off.

Important: If you are editing a quiz which is part of a scheme then the following rules will apply:

  • Editing a Quiz A - this will automatically update the Quiz B from the same topic so that it matches. For example, if you remove question 2 from Quiz A then question 2 will also be removed from Quiz B.

  • Editing Quiz B - this does not automatically update Quiz A. So if you edit Quiz B it acts like editing a standalone assignment.

If you have any questions please get in touch with the team at [email protected].

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