It's important to understand exactly what your students are seeing when using Eedi. We've made students accounts as user-friendly as possible, so let us show you how they're set up!


When students first log in, they'll be taken to their Assignments page.

For students who are in multiple classes, they can filter their quizzes by class via the drop-down menu.

They can also switch between Upcoming, Overdue and Done assignments.

  • Upcoming - This shows active quizzes that aren't past their due date, along with upcoming future quizzes.

  • Overdue - Quizzes that are past their due date and haven't been completed will appear in this section.

  • Done - Quizzes that your students have completed will be displayed here.


Any feedback / follow up questions sent to your students will be found on their Feedback page.

Students will see a notification icon by their Feedback page link to indicate feedback has been sent to them.

The feedback page itself is split into two tabs: To do and Complete.

  • To do - New feedback sent will appear here. If they click to view the question the question itself will be enlarged, teacher feedback will be displayed and they'll have the option to try the question again if a follow-up question was set.

  • Complete - Feedback that has been viewd and completed will appear on this page. Students can still click to enlarge the question and review their answers and teacher comments.


The Improve section lists questions that the student has got incorrect in the past, for them to attempt again. This is a great resource for them to work on their misconceptions.

After answering a question, they'll be shown the answer along with an explanation and a help video on the topic.

For incorrect answers, the misconception identified will be explained to help further their understanding.

Students can then move on to their next question (if applicable), or simply Save & Exit and resume later on.

Account Features

Students are able to join classes, view direct notifications and edit their profiles.

  • The drop-down menu allows students to join another class. In order to join another class, a class invitation code will need to be supplied by a teacher or parent.

  • Next, students can view their notifications by clicking on the bell icon. Here they can read messages that have been sent by their teacher, with the ability to 'Mark As Read'.

  • Finally, students can edit their profile by clicking on their initials in the top right-hand corner of the page and then selecting Edit my profile.

    This gives them the ability to add their address (if not already added by the teacher) and change their password.

And that's everything you need to know about your students' Eedi accounts!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact [email protected] to speak with a member of our team.

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