After sending feedback to your students, you'll want to see if they have read it and completed their follow up question (if set).

Doing this is simple!

  1. Go to your Assignments page and select the Feedback tab.

  2. Choose your class from the drop-down menu and select the quiz you want to view.

3. Now you can choose which piece of feedback to review. At a glance, you'll see how many students your feedback was sent to, the percentage that have read it and the percentage that have answered the follow up question. Select View to look further into this.

4. You'll now see the question and feedback given. This page also displays how long ago students reviewed their feedback. Click on View next to each student to see their new answer.

Note: You can also navigate between the tabs 'Original', 'Feedback' and 'Answered'. Please see below.

Once you've finished reviewing your feedback you can close the feedback loop.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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