Sharing a scheme of work means that only one teacher has to put in the bulk effort to ensure it matches the scheme / syllabus you follow in school.

Once a scheme has been shared with colleagues, they'll be able to find it when adding a new scheme to their list.

Each teacher will then be able to assign the scheme to their individual class and make any further edits so that it mirrors their teaching schedule - This will not make edits to the original as when you assign a scheme of work to your class, it creates a copy of the original master template.

To share your scheme of work with your colleagues, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Go to Set Work in the navigation bar to find your Schemes page.

  3. View the scheme you wish to share.

  4. Click on the Settings button and select Colleagues under Share settings.

Important: You should always share your scheme of work before you have assigned it to your class - You are not able to share a scheme once it has been assigned to a class. Your master scheme that sits under your templates is what you can share with colleagues, before assigning it to your class.

And that's it! You just shared your scheme with your colleagues.

Need any help? Get in touch with the Eedi team over at [email protected].

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