Students can be added to a class individually or in bulk using our student uploader tool. This article will guide you through the process of doing each of these.

Note: If you have your MIS synced to Eedi, you won't need to manually add or remove students from your class as syncing your MIS automatically does this for you.

Adding a small number of students to your class

  1. On your dashboard, select School setup.

  2. Select View to the right of the class that you want to add students to.

  3. Under the Students tab, select Add students. If you already have students in your class you will need to select Edit students.

  4. If the student you want to add is in the list as you start typing their name, simply select them and then select Update. Otherwise, select Add a student and enter their details.

    Repeat this step with all the students you need to add to your class.

Adding multiple students to your class using our uploader tool

  1. On your dashboard, select 'School setup'.

  2. Select 'View' to the right of the class that you want to add students to.

  3. Under the Students tab, select 'Add students'.

  4. Enter your students’ details. The tool allows you to copy and paste students' first and last names from a spreadsheet, or enter their details manually. To enter students manually simply enter their first and last name, separated by a comma.

  5. Once you’ve entered all of your students, click on Add 'x' students to this class

  6. You'll now be shown a confirmation page with your student's details. Once you're happy with the information entered, move on to 'Assign passwords'.

  7. When assigning passwords to your students, you have two options. We can automatically generate passwords for you, or you can manually set a password for all students.

    If you choose to set your own password you'll be prompted to enter and confirm your password at this point.

Your students will now appear in their class, ready to get started on their assigned work!

If you have any questions or need any further assistance please reach out to us at [email protected].

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