Given how unpredictable things are right now you might want something a little more flexible than your scheme of work! To help you cope with the interrupted school year we’ve released collections of quizzes you can assign to your class individually.

To do this follow the simple steps below:

1. When you log into Eedi click on the “collections” tab

2. This will take you to the collections page, with quizzes ordered by year groups. 

3. Click on ‘view collection’ next to the year group you are looking for.
This will take you to another page, with a list of topic units appropriate for the year group. You can use the search function (control+f) on your internet browser to look for a specific topic unit, see image below:

4. Once you are happy with the topic you are looking for, click ‘View quizzes’, to explore our ready made diagnostic questions. Before you assign the quiz, you can explore further by clicking "Preview Quiz to see the most common misconceptions, which can help inform your teaching of the topic.

5. You are now ready to assign the quiz, click on the ‘Assign quiz’ button.

6. You can select one or more classes (from the drop down) to assign the quiz to these classes. Then set the start and end dates of the quiz.
Set the start date to todays date for it to be available immediately, students can begin answering as soon as the start date has passed and you can check the results as soon as students begin answering. 

7. Once you are happy with the details entered, click ‘Assign to class’. You'll see this notification that it has successfully been assigned:

8. Your students will receive the quiz as normal. They can log into the Eedi website, or use the Eedi mobile app to answer the quizzes you have assigned. 

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