In our bid to support teachers and students as much as possible, we have built the functionality to set individual quizzes onto our Eedi platform... and significantly improved the process at the same time! This means with a few clicks you can find a suitable quiz from our Teach Computing mixed topic collection and assign it to your students so they can answer them on their own devices.

To assign a quiz to your class follow these steps:

1. Login to Eedi here. If you are waiting to be approved click here to see how to get approved.

2. Add your students. To view a help document on this click here. If you have already added your students please skip this step.

3. Click on the collections page - you can find it under 'Set work':

4. In the collections page, scroll down until you find the NCCE Computing mixed topic collection. Click on View collection next to the collection you want to view.

5. Here you can view all of the topics we have available for your selected collection. To view the quizzes in the topic click View quizzes.

6. Here you can see two quizzes in each topic. To preview the quiz click Preview quiz.

There are two quizzes in each section. The quizzes are almost identical but different numbers and wording differs slightly. For example - question number 5 of each quiz will test the same skill, address the same misconceptions but the answers will be in a different order and the wording will change. This means you can use them at different points of testing - an example of use before or after revision sessions.

7. When previewing the quiz you can see the distribution of the way students have already answered this question. If you would like to remove a question, toggle the green button off to grey. Once you are happy with the quiz, press Assign this quiz.

8. The last step is to choose your dates and select your class! Select your class in the drop down and choose your start and end date for the quiz - once you have done this press Assign to class. Please note that this collection requires that you agree to the privacy policy for the NCCE project. Read more about NCCE here.

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