In this project, the CfEM conceptual areas and baseline test have all been added to one simple timeline. This means, once you have set it, the quizzes will be automatically sent to the students after each conceptual area is taught. We have done this through the Scheme of Work on Eedi.

Follow these steps to add the scheme of work:

  1. Log in to Eedi
  2. Go to the Scheme section on the left hand navigation
  3. Click on Add a schemeĀ 
  4. Scroll down until you see the CfEM scheme of work and select it
  5. Click Add on the bottom right hand side of the screen

You have now added a template of the scheme to your account! šŸ„³

Next step is to assign the scheme of work:

  1. Click on the newly added scheme of work
  2. Edit the name in the top left hand side to be something memorable (eg. School name - CfEM)
  3. Click Assign scheme in the top right hand side

Do not EDIT the topics in the scheme of work.

This has now assigned the quizzes to your class!!

You might want to learn how to edit quiz dates, you can do this here.Ā 

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