Welcome to the complete guide to the Eedi CfEM Motivation & Engagement trial. In this guide we will cover how to use Eedi for the trial. Before you get started there are a few things you need to make sure your college have:

  • Signed an MOU with Eedi
  • Given data to Eedi including - class, student and teacher data

For trial teachers

About the automated feedback from Eedi

Unlike the other trials in the CfEM project, students on Eedi will be given additional support through the platform, including:

  • The opportunity to review their personal results and misconceptions.
  • Instant misconception explanation and Eedi correct answer explanations.
  • Areas to Improve, and the chance to retry questions.
  • Feedback is given in their "Feedback" section of Eedi, written by BIT, to support the students.
  • Email communications from Eedi, written by BIT, to support the students in developing a growth mind-set.
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