If you teach Years 6 to 11 it is recommended you check out the Eedi Ultimate Scheme of Work (USoW). This consists of over 200 topic units. You can easily adjust the order and duration to match whatever scheme of work you are currently following. And using our assignment editor, you can remove any questions from quizzes that you don’t feel are suitable for your students.

Please note: All topics within the Ultimate Scheme of Work are designed to cover Years 6 to 11, despite the topics appearing under Year 11. You can use the search feature to find the topic of your choice and check the quiz level, before adding it to your scheme.

We also have a number of pre-made schemes of work available from Mathematics Mastery (Years 7, 8 and 10), White Rose (Years 1 to 8), AET (Years 1 to 8) and from the GCSE awarding bodies. Just like the Ultimate Scheme of Work, these can also be adjusted.

View the video below or follow the steps provided if you wish to select an existing Scheme of Work:

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Go to the 'Set work' page

  3. Click to 'Add a Scheme'

  4. Scroll through to find the scheme that is most suitable to you

  5. Click your chosen scheme & confirm by selecting 'Add' in the bottom right-hand corner

  6. This will then deposit the master template in the Schemes section of your account and you will be able to complete your Scheme set up, edit and amend your scheme, share your scheme with colleagues or assign your scheme to your class. 

Should you have any specific questions or require any personalised support, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at [email protected] 

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