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If you view the videos and check out the steps below, you should have all the support required to get your Scheme of Work set up, amended and assigned to your students successfully. 

  1. Choosing your Scheme of Work

The schemes we have available are: 

KS4 / GCSE                                                                      KS1-3 Mastery Schemes

- Edexcel                                                                         - White Rose Maths
- OCR                                                                              - AET
- AQA                                                                              - Maths Mastery - Year 7 (Created                                                                                            by Craig Barton)
- Eedi (created by Craig Barton)
- Maths Mastery - Year 10 (Created by Craig Barton)

For GCSE, if you follow the recommended scheme provided, you can very easily use their pre made scheme of work on Eedi or select the 'create your own' so you can choose the order of topics yourself. 

If your scheme is bespoke, you may find your topics are more granular, in which case you can use the fantastic Eedi scheme of work, created by Craig. 

For KS1-3, we have White Rose Maths and AET. If you follow either of these mastery schemes your choice will be easy. If you don't, check them both out - they're fantastic and you can adjust the order if you need to. AET topic units are between 1.5 - 3 weeks each, White Rose topic units are 0.5-1 weeks each.

     2. Scheme set up

Once you have chosen your preferred scheme of work, whether it be a pre made scheme or a create your own scheme, you will be able to personalise it a little. Some of the things you will be able to do are: 

- Choose the start date
- Confirm the quiz length
- Change the name of your scheme

Click here to follow a step by step guide on personalising your scheme

     3. Creating & Editing your Scheme

Following on from choosing and personalising your scheme, you can ensure that it matches your teaching 100% and ensure all aspects are how you want them. Some of the things you can do are: 

- Delete topics
- Add topics
- Re order topics
- Extend / shorten topics
- Preview quizzes within the scheme

Click here to follow a step by step guide on creating your Scheme of Work
Click here to follow a step by step guide on editing your Scheme of Work

     4. Share your Scheme

Now that your scheme is exactly how you need it, you will be able to share it so that other teachers within the department can work from the same master scheme.

Sharing the scheme of work means that only 1 teacher has to put in the bulk effort to ensure it matches the scheme / syllabus you follow in school.

Once the scheme of work has been shared, each teacher will see the scheme listed when they go to '+ add a scheme', under the 'Shared by colleagues' section. 

Each teacher will then be able to assign the scheme to their individual class and make any further edits, so that it mirrors their teaching schedule- This will not make edits to the original as when you assign a scheme of work to your class, it creates a copy of the original master template. 

Click here to follow a step by step guide in sharing your Scheme of Work

     5. Assign your Scheme

The final step in getting your Scheme of Work set up, is assigning it to your class. 

Please note- When you assign your scheme to a class, you are assigning a copy of the original 'master' scheme. Each teacher will then be able to make changes and adapt to their class without it effecting anyone else.

Once your scheme is assigned to your class(es) the students will start receiving their quizzes and you will be able to make the most out of Eedi's features, including viewing students Results, leaving students Feedback, viewing the class Analytics and also make the most of the Misconceptions tab for teachers. 

Click here to follow a step by step guide on assigning your Scheme of Work

Should you require any further support or have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact the team at [email protected] 

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