As a teacher, you have the ability to edit the start and end date of any individual quiz. 

Check out the video below or follow the simple step-by-step guide to learn how you can edit quiz dates. 

1. Log in to Eedi

2. On your assignments page you will be able to see all of the upcoming quizzes (assignments) that are due to be set to your students along with their set and due dates, click View.

3. Click on Settings on the upper right of the page then click Edit assignment dates.

   4. Select the new start and/or due dates, then click Save.

Please note: Once you have changed the start date of a quiz, it will be detached from your scheme of work. So, if you are moving topic units within your scheme of work, the quiz date you have changed will not be moved - It will remain the date you have selected. 

I would therefore advise that you do not set new quiz dates too far in advance, just in case you wish to edit the scheme of work through the schemes section of your Eedi account. 

Additionally: You can only edit upcoming quizzes, you cannot update any quizzes that have already passed their due date.

Should you have any questions or require specific assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at [email protected] 

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