Misconceptions have always been at the heart of what Diagnostic Questions and Eedi have to offer, for teachers. 

We have a brand new feature on the teacher platform, for you to make the most of the information surrounding your students misconceptions and also help to plan ahead with the likelihood of future misconceptions your students may have. 

Please view the video below and see the steps detailing how you can make the most of the Misconception section of Eedi. 

How to make the most of the new teacher misconception feature: 

  1. Log in to Eedi
  2. Click into the Misconceptions tab:

3. You will then be able to narrow down to the specific class you are looking for, via the drop down: 

4. Once you have your chosen class selected, you will be able to see the 3 options in how you can focus on the misconceptions: 

You will be able to see the 3 options: 

  • Recent Quizzes - These are the 3 most recent quizzes your class have completed. If you click on the 3 dots, you will see a list of additional quizzes, if you wanted to view any others. 
  • Upcoming Quizzes - Within the quiz you are in, out of all the answers we've ever received these are the questions which are answered the most incorrect. This option is extremely useful for planning ahead, identifying what the likely misconceptions your students might have are and then teaching to correct those before they arise.
  • Weakest Topics - This is a history of that classes weakest answered questions per topic, rather than per quiz. 

The first thing you will see when you select a quiz (this quiz may be part of an Eedi Scheme of Work or an individual quiz you have set on Diagnostic Questions) are the Top 3 worst answered questions.

You can very clearly get a sense of where your class are struggling and by reading the explanation given for the most common misconception, why they are struggling.

A lot of the questions will have a 'Common Misconception' which will detail the most commonly incorrect answer along with a reasoning as to why the student(s) have chosen that answer. 

If you click onto the image, it opens full screen: 

This makes it extremely useful for you to address the misconception with your class. Notice that the correct answer is now hidden, so you can safely use this view in class.

A note from Craig Barton: 'I will challenge my students to see if they can answer this question on their own, then share their answer with their neighbour, then consider what they think the most popular wrong answer was and why. I will take a selection of ideas from the class, stepping in to model and clarify explicitly if confusion seems to be spreading.'

Once you are ready, you can click 'Show Answers':

Once you are happy with your students having overcome the misconception surrounding this question, you can click 'Resolved' and this will then show out of 3, how many of your top misconceptions are resolved. 

This misconception feature is available for every quiz that you assign your students whether it is part of an Eedi Scheme of Work or a manual quiz you have set your class on Diagnostic Questions. 

If you have any questions surrounding the misconception section of Eedi or wish for further support, please get in touch with the team at [email protected] 

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