What is Eedi?

Eedi identifies what you find difficult and provides you with information to help you help yourself. For each topic you learn in class you have two, almost identical quizzes.
Quiz A is set when you finish a topic in class and Quiz B goes out weeks later.

Why does Eedi give two quizzes?

Quiz A is taken immediately after the topic has been taught. The main-purpose of quiz A is to see what you understand and help you identify where you are going wrong. Then, three weeks later, you complete Quiz B. The skills involved in this quiz are identical to the first quiz, but with different numbers. This quiz is to see how well you have retained information learnt over 3 weeks.

How to get the best out of Eedi for yourself?

Write explanations:
This helps your teacher understand your thought process more clearly and it encourages you to double check your answers. Lastly, did you know GCSE exams are asking more and more for you to explain your answer? Eedi helps you prepare for this.

Submit your confidence score:
The confidence score is available on all questions, for you to note how confident you are with the answer you have given. It is in smiley faces format, out of 5:

Review your quizzes:
You can see all of the areas you need to improve when you review the answers to the questions following on from completing the quiz. As well as being able to tackle your misconceptions through the 'improve' section of your Eedi account. 

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