Giving feedback to your students is easier than ever with Eedi. 

Check out the video & steps below to see how you can leave personalised feedback for your students and even save time by grouping students together with similar misconceptions.

  1. Log in to your Eedi account
  2. Select Results on the left hand side 
  3. Select your class from the drop down menu. You will also see 'Open' & 'Finished'- these options indicate whether the quiz has passed its due date yet. 
  4. Once you have selected the correct quiz, click into the 'Question' review section:

5. Here you can view your students answers & explanations.
6. To leave personalised feedback, you can click onto the tick box next to each student you wish to leave the feedback for: *Please note- You can save time by grouping students together by misconception & sending the same feedback* then follow the prompt to 'give feedback'.

7. In addition to leaving feedback, you can set the question as follow up for your students to attempt again.
8. You can then see which students have received feedback:

9. When clicking into 'view feedback' it allows you to see whether your students have read & answered the feedback that you have set:

10. Once you have set your students feedback, you can click into Feedback on the left hand side of your Eedi account to view exactly what feedback has been set to what students:

Additionally on the results page, at a glance, you will see:

  • The number of students who have chosen each answer on the specific question. 
  • You can view all of the students who expose 1 misconception by selecting 1 answer (e.g B)
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