We recommend using Wonde to quickly and easily sync your MIS data with Eedi. Doing so means that your students, teachers and classes will automatically sync, which will save time needed to set up or maintain Eedi at your school.

While we are fully GDPR compliant and have a fully transparent privacy policy, there may be some times when you want to limit data shared with Eedi. 

Fortunately, Wonde makes this super easy to manage. 

To manage Wonde data sharing for specific people:

  1. Once your school has connected with Wonde, go to "Access Control" on your Wonde dashboard. 
  2. Select "Allow access to certain users and exclude all others". 
  3. Select the access you wish to grant on a per person basis.

You can find full documentation from Wonde on this process here

If you have any questions regarding how data is shared in Wonde, please contact the Wonde team at 01638 779 144 or support@wonde.com 

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