You can explore all the content available in our Schemes of Work by previewing the quizzes that come with each scheme. To browse the quizzes, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your account here
  2. Go to Schemes.
  3. To preview quizzes, you need to ensure the scheme of work has been added to your account
  4. You can then simply select the topics you would like to view by clicking on the pencil edit icon on the unit itself.
  5. Select the quiz card, which appears within the unit- You will be able to preview all the content in the quiz you have selected. 
  6. If you are editing your scheme and you wish to preview a topic prior to confirming it in your scheme, you can simply hit on the 'Preview' icon next to the unit to make sure all the info is correct. 

Please view the video below to watch a step by step on how to preview the quizzes:

Enjoy exploring all the quizzes available on Eedi for you and your students!

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