Our schemes of work are fully adaptable, which means that you can modify them to accommodate all of your teaching needs. 

There are a lot of ways to adapt and edit your scheme, in order to make edits to your scheme of work, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Eedi
  2. Go into Schemes
  3. Select the scheme you want to edit.  If you still need to add a scheme click here
  4. Proceed to make your desired changes:

-Amend the number of days your students have to complete their quizzes via the 'Quiz Length' drop down. 

-Change the 'start date' of the scheme of work, so your students will receive the quizzes in the order from week 1 of your scheme. 

-To change the order in which you teach the topic units, drag and drop units to place them on different weeks of the year. If you drag & drop a unit down it will shuffle the upcoming units down 1 week.

-To extend or shorten the duration of topic units in order to match your teaching and holiday calendar, drag the icon on the bottom of the unit up or down (the icon looks like a short horizontal line when you hover over the unit).

-To delete units, select the bin icon on the right top corner of the unit. Once the unit has been deleted, if desired, click the pencil icon to insert a new topic unit.

-To extend the duration of the school year, continue adding new topic units on the bottom of the scheme.

-To shorten the duration of the school year, remove the topic units that belong to the final weeks of the year. Remove as many units/weeks as you need to.

-To edit the dates students receive a specific quiz, click here

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