At Eedi, we've partnered up with leading content creators to ensure you have access to the highest quality assessments. 

The only decision you have to make is, what is the scheme of work for you.

The schemes we have available are: 

KS4 / GCSE                                                                      KS1-3 Mastery Schemes

- Edexcel                                                                         - White Rose Maths
- OCR                                                                              - AET
- AQA                                                                              - Maths Mastery - Year 7 (Created                                                                                            by Craig Barton)
- Eedi (created by Craig Barton)
- Maths Mastery - Year 10 (Created by Craig Barton)

For GCSE, if you follow the recommended scheme provided, you can very easily use their pre made scheme of work on Eedi or select the 'create your own' so you can choose the order of topics yourself. 

If your scheme is bespoke, you may find your topics are more granular, in which case you can use the fantastic Ultimate Scheme of Work, created by Craig. The USoW contains 256 topic units, comprising 3190 questions that can be easily adapted to fit any existing scheme of work that you are currently following.

For KS1-3, we have White Rose Maths and AET. If you follow either of these mastery schemes your choice will be easy. If you don't, check them both out - they're fantastic and you can adjust the order if you need to. AET topic units are between 1.5 - 3 weeks each, White Rose topic units are 0.5-1 weeks each.

Best of luck!

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