If you have your MIS synced to Eedi, you won't need to manually add or remove students from your class as syncing your MIS enables totally automated class management. 

If you have not synced you MIS with Eedi and want to add a student manually, it's super simple:

  1. On your dashboard, select Classes.
  2. Under Your classes, select the class that you want to add students to.
  3. Under Students, select Edit if you already have students in your class. If you are about to add your first student to your class, select Add.
  4. If the student you want to add is in the list as you start typing their name, simply select them and then select Update. Otherwise, select Add a student and enter their details. 

Repeat this step with all the students you need to add to your class. 

If you need to add multiple students, please check out how to bulk upload students

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