To select an existing scheme of work, you can choose the scheme that is closest to your own and make any necessary adjustments to it. 

To do this, watch the video or follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Eedi
  2. Click into the schemes section on the left hand navigation
  3. Click 'Add a scheme
  4. You will now see the list of pre made schemes available on Eedi. You can scroll through and select the scheme you wish to use: 

5. You will then be redirected to your Schemes section and the selected scheme will show under 'Templates'
6. If you click into your scheme, you can do a number of things to personalise it to your class and your requirements including: 

  • Change the scheme name, to personalise it to your class (if desired, you can always keep it as it is). You can do this by clicking on the pencil icon next to the scheme name. 
  • Amend the start date, so your class will receive the quizzes in the correct order as they show in the scheme of work. 
  • Amend the number of days your students have to complete their quizzes.   
  • You can amend any aspects of the scheme that you wish including: shorten or extend the units. You can do this by dragging the horizontal toggle within the unit up or down.

If you shorten the unit, you will be able to 'insert a topic unit' where there is a space in the scheme -  by clicking on the edit pencil icon & selecting the desired unit you wish to insert. 

  • You can also delete any content you don’t need by selecting the bin icon on the right corner of each unit (You will see the icon when you hover over the unit). 
  • Additionally, you can change the order of units, by dragging the units up or down so they appear in the order that you teach in school. 

7. When editing your scheme all the changes you have made so far have been saved automatically. 

You can do two more things:
-Share the scheme with colleagues. Learn here how to share your scheme of work
-Assign the scheme to a class. Learn here how to assign your scheme of work

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